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PISCES Mini-Lesson, Day 1: What is the environment?

PISCES will be doing a series of mini-lessons over the next few weeks to teach about sustainable agriculture and our activities!

Savanna Environment in Northern Togo composed of grasses, shrubs, and trees.

Photos 3+4: Office Environment in Northeast USA composed of pressed wood, laptop, and house plants.

PISCES Mini-Lesson, Day 1: What is the environment?

Simply put, the environment is the ensemble of everything that surrounds us. This of course includes the air, water, earth, sunlight, plants, and animals that make up nature and provide us with all the food and resources we need to live.

But it also includes all the elements of the built human environment, including our buildings, streets, and cars. Believe it or not, but the desk that you are working on, the phone you are reading this on, and the plastic water bottle you are drinking from, all came from somewhere; whether it's pine from a timber yard, copper and rare earth metals from mines, or refined petrochemicals from offshore oil platforms. And once we're done using these items, it all has to go somewhere too! This is why, at PISCES, we believe that protecting our environment requires a holistic approach to growing food and living healthy lives.

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